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The Boyd-Smith Mine

The Boyd-Smith Mine, also known as the Smith, Lennig, or Groome Mine, is approximately 2.25 miles northeast of Mineral and approximately 3/4 of a mile southwest of the Sulfur Mine.  Iron ore was mined as early as 1845. In the 1880's pyrite mining began at the Boyd-Smith Mine,  The mine was operated continuously from 1886 to 1906 for pyrite and some copper but was closed because of litigation.  The mine was sold in 1913 and reopened in 1915.  It was closed in 1922.

Very little is known about the mine workings at the Boyd-Smith. In 1906 the mine was operated from three shafts, the deepest was 300 feet with five working levels, a surface mill and a Mine Manager's home. 

The Boyd- Smith Mine: Work
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